Volcano Taste

Is anyone capable to taste the volcano? Under the right circumstances there is that ability.

The volcano explosion in Santorini, several centuries ago, has provided special and unique characteristics to Santorini’s vineyards. These characteristics are obvious in its great wines.

Santorini’s soil lacks of organic substances and in combination with the low rainfall levels and the strong winds during the summer, makes it hard for Philoxera (a vines’ disease) to survive.

Santorini’s vineyards are some of the oldest world widely.

The greatest variety that is being cultivated on the island is the well-known Assyrtiko. Its unique taste, the acidity and the mineral taste are its main characteristics that have made it famous. Assyrtiko suits perfectly to Santorini’s long summer.

You can really enjoy it from your balcony with the amazing view, over a private candle dinner and even in the privacy of your outdoor plunge pool.

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