An Ode to Blue Skies

Sophia Oia View is the epitome of contemporary Mediterranean sophistication. Cycladic inspired cave houses, outdoor living spaces are laid out over different levels, gradually unveiling the staggering beauty of Santorini and framing it with serene, harmonious lines.


In this picture-perfect setting, nature plays the starring role and impeccable design offers the perfect cameo.

Situated in the Center of Oia Village with a postacard setting over the famous blue domed churches,

the view suites & rooms overlooks the volcano and the breath-taking views of the Caldera cliff sides and the “nothern lights” style sunsets. Sophia Oia View combines local architecture with modern comforts such as free Wi-Fi and satellite TV and features private terrace, plunge pool and sun terrace.

Beyond it’s grateful design, Sophia Oia View will immerse you in the best of Greek living and lifestyle. From curated adventures to a wide assortment of activities available on and off the property, the memories you create here will stay with you for a lifetime.