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Our Kitchen based in Santorini Cuisine

With its warm breezes, white-washed stone homes, flower gardens, vineyards, and a lagoon surrounded by a stony cliff, the Greek island of Santorini in the south Aegean Sea is a piece of heaven on earth.

Santorini Cuisine

Santorini’s cuisine is primarily based on the island’s own agricultural products. Products nourished by the volcanic soil, the sea breeze and the sunshine of the Aegean Sun, giving them a unique taste. When combined with the almost exclusively organic cultivation of the island the result is top quality ingredients that produce original, tasty and healthy food.

There are flavors that you will not taste anywhere else but here and this is something truly worth mentioning. By having a look at the traditional recipes that are cooked in every household of the island, you will see how the Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean delicacies are perfectly blended with the distinctive products of the mainland.

Our chef at work

Historically, Santorini’s exceptional volcanic soil and its microclimate have proved to be ideal for the growing of outstanding products of unique taste, highly praised not only in Greece but also internationally, including: the wine, the small tomatoes and their paste, the infamous Fava, and the white eggplant. In Greece, it grows only on Santorini. It is sweet and does not have any bitterness. The other product is capers that grow freely. They are very spicy. They are prepared with vinegar and salt and are added to salads as seasoning. They can also be used for the preparation of sauce for pasta. Fava beans are cooked with olive oil and onions. The housewives on the island make mashed fava that has a unique taste. The cherry tomatoes of Santorini are like bonsai plants. Their taste is twice as strong as the taste of ordinary tomatoes.

Here in Sophia Suites we embrace these unique products into our gastronomical philosophy. From the first raw materials used to for the food preparation to the refined culinary result. All of our products are carefully selected (local producers) and processed in a tentative way in order to keep the quality and texture intact.

Our chef Mr. Nikos Pylarinos is taking care of all the procedures and preparations from the scratch. He has strategically established key co-operations with only the best local producers like: Mr. Manolis – our fisherman, Mr. Nikos – our green grocer/fruiterer, Mr. Argiris – our butcher.

Nikos Pylarinos has just arrived from Paris and is one of the most passionate young chefs in Greece. He studied at the Advanced Technical University of Crete, at the school of production engineering and management. Continued his studies at “Le Cordon Blue” culinary master school of Paris and worked there for several years, at the capital of gastronomy.

His journey in the world of flavors started at “Park Hyatt Place Vendome” and afterwards at “Six New York Restaurant”.

The place that he calls “My School and My Home”, is the restaurant “Maison Prunier” where he stayed for 3 years as a sous-chef next to the famous chef Eric Coisel.

He has customized a menu that combines his passion of sharing food among good friends and family, with colors and flavors of Greece. The unique products of the island, inspired him. An array of organic vegetables from local producers, are carefully selected in order to create a first class completed culinary experience. The white eggplant and cherry tomato of Santorini, constitute the famous “Santorinian Omelete” where tradition meets chef’s creativity. At you balcony, he can propose and create private artistic dinners, to enjoy the magical sunset from the Caldera and to play with your palate’s sensors.

Our chef points out that tourists are looking for unique and memorable food experiences which are not just limited to gourmet restaurants. Food can be used to attract visitors just like museums and monuments and international bland dishes are not what most people want. Now the island is being surveyed to compile a compendium of local recipes, restaurants and producers which will be useful in positioning itself as a future foodie destination.

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