Museums of Santorini

By visiting the museums of Santorini you can have a clear view about the island’s history, tradition and culture. There are many museums and you learn all about the archaeological findings in Thira, the prehistoric Santorini, the marine history and the wine production of the famous wines.

1) The Archaeological Museum in Fira is the first on our list. It has a great collection of findings which travel you back to one of the periods that Santorini flourished. The exhibits are mainly sculptures, statues and inscriptions from the Archaic to Roman times and pottery from Geometric era.

2) Then you should visit the Prehistoric Thera Museum which has a big collection of great art from the prehistoric period.

3) In Fira, there is also a private Folklore Museum where you can find interesting traditional costumes and folk items. Moreover you can see several items connected to a traditional island wedding.

4) In Oia you can go to the Naval museum and admire a rare collection of maritime items and documents.

5) Maybe one of the most interesting places that will draw your attention during your stay in Santorini is the wine museum in Messaria where you can find out all the “secrets” of the wine production.

6) We should also mention on this point the museum of Musical Instruments in Oia and of course the Catholic neighborhood in Fira that definitely worth your time.

(photo by: Mark & Naomi Iliff)