Greece is… Santorini!

Santorini island, Thira or Round (older name) is one of the most magical and intriguing places on planet Earth, an island located in the southern Aegean Sea, the island complex of Cyclades. Santorini belongs to the Aegean volcanic arc and is characterized as an active volcano. The central part of the island had been blown up along with the volcano’s crater from the Minoan eruption in 1613 BC and resulted in the creation of what we now call the “Caldera” of Santorini.

View to Skaros & Caldera from Sophia Suites

The name
The name of the island “Santorini” comes from the ancient Spartan “Thira” from Sparta, who was the first colonizing this island. The name “Santorini” generates from the passing Frankish Crusaders who in their passing stood for refueling near the church of Agia Irini, located behind the church of the Holy Cross.

Santorini - View to CalderaThe climate
The climate of Santorini is quirky and as not expected, although it stands as the most south island of the Cyclades, it is the coldest. This is due mainly to the northeastern winds, but the winter is mild with average temperatures around 10C. In winter frequent rain is often presented and in summer it hardly ever rains, leading Santorini to attract tons of tourists from all around the world.

Santorini Cuisine

Traditional products
Today the viticulture is the most important agricultural production area in Santorini. Its story is lost in prehistoric times, when the Phoenicians introduced it in the wider region of the Aegean Sea. The most important element of the Santorini vineyard is the varietal of wealth. Besides its tasteful wine, Fava and Tomatoes of Santorini are famous for their uniqueness, a secret well hidden in the soil of the island.

Santorini Cave House

The cave style houses
A traditional home form we encounter in Santorini is the cave, the house that is being popped into the rock. In the houses they lived, in the old days, the crews who worked on the ships. The cave house is oblong room with vaulted ceiling illuminated and ventilated only by the facade. There in front is a small door, placed in the center, right and left has a window over the door of the skylight.

sunset from imerovigli

Natural wealth
Santorinι is well known for its natural beauty and magnificent beaches. And by the term “magnificent” we mean beaches with sand in colors of a chess game, from white to black, up to thick red, a color like its wine. Each beach offers an unforgettable experience to any single visitor.
Last but not least, another factor if not its most valuable, which makes Santorini unique in the entire world is the sunset. Tourists from every corner of the planet visit the island to admire this charming and astonishing spectacle. And maybe this time, your turn by reading this text has come!

Santorini sunset